Sunday, January 10, 2010

LSG Announcement: Right To Rights Foundation

Happy New Year from the LSG Team! For 2010 we have a lot coming your way and it's only going to get bigger and better as amazing Ghanaians keep doing amazing things.

Already, we're hearing about exciting initiatives by individuals and organizations featured on LSG.  One of such organizations is Right to Rights Foundation.

The Right to Education
In 2009 Right to Rights succeeded in providing scholarships to 12 girls in Ghana -- a testament of their commitment to the right to education. They intend to continue working on this right well into 2010:  "Right to Rights Foundation believes "Impossible is Nothing,", so for 2010 we are going to do all we can to bring all our dreams to reality." 

The Movement
Right to Rights currently has 2100+ fans signed up to Right to Rights' facebook page. In addition, they have enlisted some new supporters including the following celebrities:

-Bre Scullark (ANTM)
-Mario Winans
-Jesse Boykins III
-Taz Arnold (SA-RA)
-Om'Mas Keith (SA-RA)
-Michael Blackson
-DJ Masterkey
- Richie
- Irene
- Junior Agogo
- Tokyo Diiva

To find out more about Right to Rights and their celebrity ambassadors, or to become a fan yourself, check out their Facebook fan page.

The Right to Explore
In addition, Right to Rights is working with the Shamayim Company to kick off initiatives promoting and celebrating the right to explore:

"The Shamayim Company, which is connected to travel agencies, organizes these expeditions for people in the fashion industry (designers, models, make up artists, stylists etc) for a very very very low rate and this rate includes airfare, hotel accommodation and a photo shoot with photographer Shamayim for your portfolio etc."

Through this joint project an expedition to Brazil will take place sometime mid-2010, with a percentage of the expedition rates going towards Right to Rights' right to education initiatives.

"This will be an awesome opportunity to meet models, designers, make up artists, hairstylists etc from around the world and at the same time have an opportunity to see Brazil. If you are not in the fashion industry it will be an opportunity for you to see what gets people (like me) so crazy about fashion," Right to Rights President Catherine Hagan wrote in a Facebook Announcement.

Interested individuals should email for further information.

Photo by Shamayim; not to be used without permission.


Natty said...

Thats great.. Impossibility is nothing.keep up with it

JP said...

This is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!! Wow.... RTR, LSG supports you... :-) Keep it up... LSG - We Aim To Inpire & Uplift....