Saturday, November 7, 2009

LSG Video Exclusive... 'N-Dex - Exhibit D' NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW!!!!

New video from the boy 'N-Dex - Exhibit D'.... Check it out! If you loved '3 Piece & A Biscuit from N-Dex's OPM Mixtape' then you will love this song... FIRE!!!! See a different side of N-Dex and his story telling skills... leave your comments! And while you at it... check N-Dex out on STADIUM STATIS!!!! Enjoy! - LIfestylz GH!

PS. N-DEX's GH ALBUM COMING OUT ON NOVEMBER, 16TH, 2009 (11/16/2009)... Right here on LSG!!!!! FREE FREE FREE DOWNLOAD!!!!

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