Wednesday, November 11, 2009

LSG Mini Showcase.... 'N-Dex Bio - Who Is This Guy...?!?' (Courtesy of GH Underground Cypher - Labanti) N-Dex - Nothing Be Simple - 11/16/2009!!!!

The most anticapted GH album yet to be released (11/16/09).... 'Nothing Be Simple'... Always wanted to know more about 'N-Dex'...?!!? Here is a lil bio courtesy of GH Underground Cypher by Labanti... Props! :-) Check it out... And leave comments!! NBS... COMING SOON!!! Right here on LSG for FREE FREE FREE DOWNLOAD!!! :-) NOVEMBER 16th, 2009.... - Lifestylz GH!

'Ghana has many uncelebrated foreign based rappers. Most of these rappers are usually uncelebrated because their releases are not promoted in Ghana. I would be very glad if u took some minutes of your time to read this post… It is about one of the greatest young U.S based Ghanaian rappers ….. Just relax and let me tell you about this guy…………

Dexter Kwasi Owusu was born in Dallas, TX. After five (5) years, he was brought down to Ghana, he attended UPS and Alsyd. N-Dex realized his rap potential at an early age. By 13, he had already begun recording some of his sounds. He was sent back to the States at the age of 15 where he continued his sounds recording whilst he was still schooling.

In college (back in the States), Dexter “N-Dex” Owusu was known for his great rap skill. In 2004, he declared rap as his career. He released a mixtape entitled Ghanaboy Vol. 1 in 2006; it was a great success; he therefore released a “wild” album with the same title, “Ghanaboy”. Realizing that his music was doing good on the market, N-Dex released his next mixtape in 2007.

He later decided with Jean - Pierre Duplan, his manager to do something more African and more “Gh-ish” for his fans back in Ghana; his motherland. N-Dex managed to acquire some beats from Hammer, a Ghanaian sound engineer, known for his great Hiplife instrumentals and began to do some hiplife tracks. He released “Flow me fans” which beat his imagination of how well it was going to do on the market. It is not surprising, how “Flow me fans” is making waves, because it is actually a great masterpiece.

Currently, he is working on a whole Ghanaian/African album; “Nothing Be Simple” which he expects to release on 16th November, 2009. Aside this album, he is also working on “OPM” (Other People’s Music) 3, which according to him, is expected to be released on 4th July.

Some of his greatest hits are, “Flow me”, “Africa lady” remix and “Sormia”. He is also working with other Ghanaian rappers such as M3NSA, WANLUV (da kuborlor), and R2BEES.

If you really love music and hiplife, then you’ve got to hear N-Dex, when he does his own thing with the MIC. You can access some of his tracks at'

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N-Dex' no.1 fan aka Erodizzle said...

to y'all who don't know, N-Dex is outta dis world wid it. His delivery is on point and lyrically he is a master. He switches back and forth from Twi and Pidjin to flawless english like its nothing...I'm soo looking forward to this album