Wednesday, November 11, 2009

LSG Comedy Showcase.... 'GH Ad/Commercial - Cargo Gin Bitters (Shaalai Tue Cargo Oboshi)'

LOL!!!! :-) This is apparently the funniest ad/commercial out on GTV at the moment!!!! Check it out.... Dedicated to all 'Bines X 10'.... LOL!!!! :-) Have a good laugh courtesy of LSG!!!! Cargo Gin Biitters - Shaalai Tue!!!! :-) Enjoy.... Leave your comments! - Lifestylz GH!

PS. For Non-Ghanaians.... Here is the interpretation of the commercial....

'The big lady (Oboshi) calls the little guy and says "sorry wrong number". The guy says "your voice sounds good, whats your name? do you want to meet somewhere?". She says yes and shows up with herself (bigger than he expects). She asks him
if he expected something different" he says "no" (politeness). and she asks "if her friends could come along" unfortunately for him they are all big too.... LOL!!!!'

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