Saturday, October 24, 2009

LSG Exclusive... 'N-Dex ft. Wanlov - Move Dat Duna' NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW!!!!! (Off N-Dex Upcoming GH Album - Nothing Be Simple - November 16th 09)

New joint from the man 'N-Dex ft. Wanlov the Kubolor - Move Dat Duna'.... Off his upcoming GH album - Nothing Be Simple (Coming Out On - Novemmber 16th, 2009) Enjoy, listen, & download - Lifestylz GH!

DOWNLOAD LINK: N-Dex ft. Wanlov - Move Dat Duna

1 comment:

JP said...

Watch out on November 16th!!!!! Nothing Be Simple.... FIRE!!!!!! Move Dat D**A... LOL!!!!