Thursday, August 6, 2009

Government Blows GH¢1m on Obama’s 24 -hour Trip: Does Kenkey Cost “Opipipiiipi”?

I had eloquently and articulately written a piece about the lack of maintenance in Ghana when I came across this headline on dated July 30 2009; GOVERNMENT BLOWS GH¢1m on Obama – AFAG. My scream of confusion at this headline nearly caused my poor father to tumble off the couch as he tried to catch his usual morning beauty sleep.

In an effort to understand why such a tabooed amount of tax-payers' money could be spent in 24 hours given the current state of the Ghanaian “ecomini”, I looked for answers in the article. But as usual, there were none. All that was contained under said headline was a reiteration on the amount of money that the current government had spent on the Obama trip. Poor journalism does not permit much ease in finding relevant information in Ghana; yet despite this lack of credible sources and data to support this accusation against the government, I was left wondering… “How much was spent on the 24-hour visit by President Obama?”

If this claim is true and the government indeed spent that humongous “ega” (Ewe for money) for this historical trip, then I am hugely disappointed. With a two-year hiring freeze on public sector jobs and other heart wrenching situations with our economy, I am very surprised that we are willing to smile and tolerate the fire burning our bottoms because of one human being. Much worse, we are even more elated to dish out huge sums of money as though we walk on golden streets in Ghana. Apparently (and this is hear say), President Obama and his entourage ate kenkey at the castle. Ei! Ho! I didn’t know kenkey costs “opipipiiipi”.

The NDC government vehemently attacked the NPP government for spending ¢50m on the Ghana@50 celebrations. I believe the good book says, “Remove the LOG from your eye before you remove the SPLINTER from another person’s eye.” I do not condone nor support any of the unwise decisions being made at the expense of Ghanaian citizens. In fact I am tired of the two key political parties who spend time bickering as though they were children instead of focusing on the pressing issues “lay” Ghanaians are facing. Ghana does not belong to those political parties for them to dish out expensive “birthday gifts” to people who are not even celebrating their birthdays.

I’m going to drink my morning tea and say a word of prayer for the Almighty to change the hearts of our leaders lest my fury boil and burn down my computer as I type.

This article was written by LSG Staff Writer Abena Opokua Bampo Opoku
Photo Sources: Obama , Kenkey


Shels said...

Chale, some people if they had their way they would just SELL the whole country!

i took it very personal, excuse the seemingly crude English

Shels said...

sorry try that one instead.

JP said...

Hmm... some serious food for thought if this amount is TRUE... but we dont know... just an opinion... :-) WOW!!!!

Ananse Web said...

Not sure but possible man. If they spend a huge amount(what was the figure) on 'ootwa tea', then it's very possible with the Obama incident. Ghana is broke my foot!