Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Introducing: The Lifestylz GH Editorial Staff

We're delighted to officially introduce the Lifestylz GH Editorial Team - Flossy Matekwor Azu, Masahoud Codjoe (Mash) and Kobe Asiedu! These individuals are great writers and interesting people, and we're certain they'll be bringing a burst of creativity and insight on Gh-related stuff through their articles and posts! Find out more about them below.

Flossy Matekwor Azu

Visionary, educator, writer and speaker; she is a vibrant young lady of many thoughts. A proud product of North Ridge Lyceum, Flossy graduated with the class of 2001. She then finished her International General Certificate for Secondary Education and International Baccalaureate in SOS Hermann Gmeiner International College, finishing in the class of 2005. She now holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Education from Mount Holyoke College, graduating in 2009 after successfully completing the Teacher’s Licensure Program in the college. She is currently employed as a behavior therapist and teacher for RCS (Realizing Children’s Strengths) Natick, MA.

Flossy has loved writing for as long as she can recall, and she remembers her first book to be “Amy’s Closet” which she completed when she was 8 years old. It was published also by Flossy Azu Publishers, complete with stapled A4 sheet binding and lovely print in HB pencil. Flossy started a writing project with Kofi Awoonor, and another colleague of his, studying his style of writing when she was 16 years. Flossy has also published a number of articles in the Mount Holyoke News.

Flossy intends to pursue a career in education, eventually rejuvenating the Ghanaian education system and building a bright future for the Ghanaian youth through education. In accordance with Maya Angelou's quote, Flossy practices an understanding for illiteracy but holds a complete intolerance for ignorance. The future for Flossy seems to entail a graduate program in Public Policy or perhaps, Public Administration.

She is a great public speaker; she debated in her early school years in North Ridge Lyceum, and participated in a school wide mock election when she was in JSS3, conceding to and impressive second place. In addition, Flossy has participated in school plays, poetry recitals, and spoken word, and has also been a part of theatrical and film productions throughout her school life.

In her opinion, the world is hers to take and she is one of the blessed ones to have found her talents and passion very early on in life. She aspires to change the future of the new generation of Ghanaians, being a part of the birth of an education hungry country.

Masahoud Cojoe (Mash)
Masahoud Codjoe (Mash) pursued his primary education at both Engelbert Preparatory School in Accra, Ghana and Fielding Drive Public School in Ottawa, Canada. He later went on to study General Arts at Presbyterian Boys' Secondary School, Legon. His passion for writing is evident in his choice of English Literature throughout high school which culminated in him being awarded a prize in English Literature in his final year. He recently completed the Faculty of Integrated Development Studies of the University for Development Studies. Mash has also written many poems and short stories and hopes to publish a novel in the near future. He enjoys reading anything from newsletters to novels and enjoys a wide range of music from hiplife to hip hop. Mash also has a passion for development-related issues, especially concerning Northern Ghana where he is from. He strongly believes in the saying, "before we can change the world, we need to change ourselves". In other words, with the right attitudes, we can overcome any obstacles."

Kobe Asiedu
Kobe Asiedu graduated from the University of Ghana with a B.A. in Political Science and Information Studies. Prior to that he attended Bishop Bowers JHS and then Pope John SHS where he studied Science. He's worked as a Teaching and Research Assistant in his third and final years of university and is currently looking forward to working with Beekman Management Solutions to assume the role of Trainee Development and Business Strategy Manager and hoping to later pursue a career in Law and International Aid. He enjoys watching movies, swimming, blogging poetry, humour and unfettered candour.


Anonymous said...

I still await the bio of Jemi, the great administrator and editor.
~ Tiny T

Mac-Jordan Holdbrookes said...

Congrats to the only Odade3 on this team. Most blogs from Ghana have at least, an Odade3 on board. I'm proud of Mash and very proud to be an Odade3...!!! 'In Lumine Tuo Videbimus Lumen..