Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cross-Atlantic Long Distance Relationships: The New Black

I am no love doctor nor will I even pretend to be knowledgeable about love; evident by me being single. However, lately I have become fascinated by the issue of long distance relationships, especially those that involve oceans and distant lands.

If you had asked me a month ago if I would ever be in a long distance relationship, my facial expression would give away my answer before my mouth would. For one month my ex-boyfriend and I tried “long distance” when he went to Ghana for a month for vacation and I was here. The toll that this “distance” took on our relationship in addition to my bank account re-affirmed my distaste for these forms of relationships.

Yet, I have two friends who are in long distance relationships and I must say they are going strong. How they do it, I don’t know but I am very inspired and motivated by them to give it a shot. They seem very happy and fulfilled in these relationships and despite seeing their better halves once a year, it does not seem to have a major impact on their relationships.

As more Ghanaians move to the USA or come here temporarily to pursue higher education, the issue of long distance relationships is becoming pressing. Most people that I have come across who are in cross-Atlantic relationships already come here with their “boos” but a minority also start relationships when they come here. It seems that what is important is not how the relationships start but rather how they are maintained. There are issues of trust that go hand in hand with such relationships and it is apparent that it is the main driving force that causes the breakup of these relationships.

Despite this, being in a long distance relationship is beginning to look attractive but as someone looking from the outside it does not seem any different from any other relationship. But as the elders say “it is only he/she that is sitting on the fire that knows how much it burns”. For those out there in cross-Atlantic long distance relationships or any other form long distance relationships, what is keeping the relationship going?

This article was written by LifestylzGh Staff Writer Abena Opokua Bampo Opoku.



Lilly said...

It is skype my sister oooo... Thanks from all long distancers to the creators of skype..

Nana said...

Interesting post. My perspective on long distance relationships is rather more cynical...shared some thoughts fairly recently at