Monday, June 29, 2009

LSG 1st Anniversary Special: Profile of JP- Founder & MD

JP Duplan, an alumnus of Achimota Secondary School, graduated with a BS in Business Administration and a concentration in marketing from the University of Tampa, Florida. JP was an active member of the PEACE Student Volunteer Organization & the American Marketing Association. He also served as the Lead Facilitator of the University of Tampa World Drumming Ensemble for two semesters. JP is also the Founder and Managing Director of, an organization which strives to showcase Ghanaian culture and lifestyle. He has also been managing and promoting an upcoming GH Oklahoma City based rapper called "N-Dex" for the past three years. Currently, JP is Chief Advisor and Events Coordinator with the iStandAbove Organization, a rising non-profit organization that provides opportunities and knowledge to determined and deprived young individuals striving to climb the ladder of success. JP is a music enthusiast, enjoys drumming, movies, go-kart racing, and "anything fun." However, his all-time favorite hobby (with no contenders) is working on LSG-related stuff.

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