Monday, March 2, 2009


DYNASTY BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION (DBA) is a non-profit organization that endeavors to develop, promote and raise the image of basketball in Ghana through its developmental programs and activities. DBA currently runs two in-house basketball leagues in Mays Educational Center in Dansoman, and Golden Sunbeam Montessori in Adenta. These leagues are part of the developmental programs orchestrated by DBA to help enhance basketball in Ghana. The leagues were established to provide the children of Ghana quality coaching, tips and drills of basketball, and enhance their teamwork and discipline skills.

On January 8th, iStand Above donated basketball coaching books and CDs to DBA. The presentation was done during the DBA’s Coaches Clinic at East Legon. In addition to these donations, Pichon Duplan and Peter Yobo, co-founders of iStand Above gave talks on how DBA can further enhance their mission of developing the image of basketball in Ghana. Both Pichon and Peter used their expertise from playing basketball in their high schools and colleges in the United States to share their knowledge with DBA. Pichon Duplan, a member of his high school varsity basketball team and captain of his high school varsity American football team, provided some ways DBA can utilize workouts to enhance the agility, speed and explosiveness of the DBA players. Peter Yobo, who has been exposed to Division one basketball at his college, San Jose State University, shared his knowledge on the game of basketball and gave his insight on tips and drills that DBA’s coaches can focus on during their workouts with the kids.

iStand Above has pledged to support DBA in their mission and hopefully will have more events this upcoming year where we can take this partnership to another level.

iSTANDABOVE always endeavors to assist our leaders of tomorrow to stand above their adversities in order to achieve their dreams in life. During a trip to Ghana, West Africa this past December 2008, members of the iStand Above Board (Pichon Duplan, Peter Yobo, Eddy Duplan, and Abdul Halim Musah) went downtown Accra to St. Mary’s Anglican Preparatory School to help children stand above their adversities. St. Mary’s Anglican Preparatory School is a public school that was started by the St. Mary’s Anglican Church in downtown Accra.
During the tour of the school, iStand Above saw potential in students but these students faced adversities that hindered their progress in society. After having a discussion with the Assistant Headmaster of the school and the Parish Priest, Father Tetteh, iStand Above devised a plan to help promising students overcome their adversities.

The St. Mary’s Anglican Preparatory School Administration is to select two students (a boy and a girl) in each class from Class One through to Class 6. These students would be chosen on the basis of their willingness to learn and determination to succeed. iStand Above in turn would then provide these twelve students with school uniforms for the year, exercise and text books for the subject they take, stationery for the year and also, each student’s examination fees would be taken care of. iStand Above felt that it was the financial means that was a major adversity for these children and by relieving them off this obstacle, it is our hope that these 12 children will have the motivation and determination to learn to their utmost potential and make something of themselves so they too can see the importance and essence of giving back to one’s community.

This presentation was announced to the whole church congregation on Sunday 19th of January at St. Mary’s Anglican Church. iStand Above would like to maintain this relationship with the school and church so as to sponsor these students up until they are ready to go to Secondary School. It is also our hope to expand our scholarship to different schools in different regions of Ghana in order to reach out to as many students as we can and to give them the opportunities they deserve while standing above their adversities in life. GREAT JOB GUYS... COME STAND ABOVE WITH....'iStandAbove'!!!!!

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