Sunday, September 21, 2008

Top 10 Worst.Feel Free to say nothing

This is by Me (N-DEX) and Not you...

Top 10 Worst NIGGAZ of all Time

1.OJ Simpson-Just Because Homey cannot sit his ass the hell down, come on dude you almost got caught for murder, then you try to steal the stuff that got seized from you?...WTF? And that power walk you do is awful, Then you had the audacity to try and release a book written by you titled "If I did it, this is how I would have Done it".. Nigga are you insane!!!!???? Hands down worse nigga I've heard of

2.R.Kelly-You are 40 years old with Braids, sometimes it dyed even and you make songs from the dumbest topics, not to forget that you don't even rhyme most of the time. Hairbraider?..."We on our camels…in our throwbacks" ? Then he pissed on a girl and I know that cuz I saw that tape about 40 times to know it was him, and everyone agrees(even though we wont tell white people). He got off clean at the end and that's cool and all, but I think its time for him to get out of the public eye and let some new talent come up…Dream, Raheem Devaugn, Dwele etc

3.Al Sharpton-Okay Mr Sharpton is wild, for some strange reason every time he needs to speak, he pulls out a podium out his ass. This nigga is unstoppable, its like has a bulk order of podiums. The big bother is to the fact that he thinks he is the Spokesperson for all Black People in America. One of his best moments ever "Let's set a Burial for the N-Word"-Good Job Albert , now more white people think we idiots.
4.Suge Knight-I am terribly scared of Suge Knight even after he got knocked the FUCK OUT(Chris Tucker anyone?). This guy apparently had goons in the studio with artists such as Dr Dre and Nate Dogg to intimidate them into doing what he wanted. One time it was even rumored that, he was not paying Lady of Rage her royalties while she was pregnant. Now That's Some Nigga Shit to not be proud of Suge, and yea ,WHO KILLED PAC AND BIG?(Diddy is up soon!!)

5.DMX-Now Earl Simmons came out in 1998 as the reincarnation of 2Pac and at times even deadlier than Cell(Dragon Ball Z anyone?) .He released masterpieces(3 in a row,but that's open for debate) until post 2003. This dude alone has been arrested more times in the year 2008 than I have actually beat my meat. Now I should have placed him higher but he is the same one who said "Ima flow regardless, because Im an artist until im trapped/ Ima continue to hit the hardest whether I scrap or rap/you give me dap though you aint my friend/ I See it in your eyes, you contemplate my end…/"


6.Michael Jackson-I Don't know if he is still considered a nigga, but he did bring out the Nation of Islam on second court hearings about Child molesting and that's some nigga asss shit!!. Anyways Michael Jackson just can't seem to focus and holla at hoes, and he damn near wrecked his career but fa reals he made P.Y.T. And Wanna be starting something, so I cannot bash him as much. We are rooting for you Mike!!!

7.Mike Tyson-Another nigga im scared of, BUT!! He did some balling ass shit in his time, this dude was rumored to buy a new car as soon as the old one ran out of GAS(bet you would buy all kinds of stuff in this economy!). Mike Tyson even made himself more niggarish by getting a BIG ASS tattoo on his face to scare off more white people. Now currently broke because of Don King(another nigga who is on the list from 11-20) and Robin Givens, anytime he is given a chance to redeem himself at boxing he loses the fuckin fight? Wtf is that all about iron mike, get ya weight up(we rooting for you as well)

8.Eric Bennet- Any dumb ass nigga who leaves Halle Berry because he is an apparent Sex Addict=straight dumb ass nigga, haven't you heard of masturbation to satisfy your needs?..You gets no love fucboi, that's why that white boy doing numbers on our beloved Storm.


9.Jesse Jackson- In 2008 Jesse Jackson hated on Barack Obama , the first actual African American democratic nominee and would be president, JUST LIKE A NIGGA
People see you doing better than them and they say some outrageous stuff. He started out being a traitor to us by going on Fox News!!!..Then when he thought them white people were behind him and thought it was a commercial break, they kept his mic on and caught him saying "HALF BREED NIGGER" referring to Obama, and whats really bad is that FOX NEWS LEAKED THE FOOTAGE!!.
*Note to niggas ,Please do not talk crazy around white folks!!!

10.Diddy- Diddy is the worst nigga to sign a record deal to and this is why:
Craig Mack ugly ass Disappeared, Biggie Died , Mase turned preacher because of him, all the niggas on that Saga Continues album work at Arby's and Black Rob is probably in jail with Shyne!!!!. Now if this nigga aint bad luck then what is he?
He has a TV Show every season to showcase his new talent, but it always ends up being about himself. I'm glad Bentley left his shadows. Stop being greedy Diddy!!!

This was written By your Inner nigga .Please do not get offended as to this was only for entertainment purposes only. You can't believe a nigga said that!!-Dex

"I Am One with The Number


Dope And Steps Ahead said...

R kelly is ma man ...myt have done some dum thgs but he took his braids off now man ....
n if you should make a great list of black entertainers then R.kelly should be part !!

Anonymous said...

r.kelly is not a good person sir, this nigga molests lil girls, what if one of em was your little sister?